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David Bergin

David Bergin
Co-owner of Fiducia Benefits Group Inc. We started as a company in 2001. It was during a time of crisis that friends come together as so happened with business partner, Gary Walters. He was there in a time of need and from there, we launched, Fiducia Benefits Group. Since that time we are always working hard to find that “niche” to save you time and ultimately money. I started my insurance career in 1997 for Insurance Placement Service, after departure from there, the Fiducia was started. Since that time our total focus has been on refining our Employee Benefits Management strategy. Amazing growth from a start of 300 employees under management to now over 5000.

In addition to the insurance world time is spent at on the field, coaching the kids in soccer and on the mat in wrestling. During the summer farming and horseback riding in our spare time. We farm 300 acres near Camp Ripley, have a few horses and cows. I don’t plant any crops, I am not that smart or risky. The horses, we ride, at least once per week as well as an annual trip out to the Black Hills. It is a family affair with my wife Christine, son Hunter and daughter Holly.

We are constantly searching for a better way to handle your benefits, the past few years we have been implementing an online enrollment system for our clients that now handles not only benefits, but W-4’s and I-9’s. No more paper applications, no more missing documents.

Professionally, I hold an HR degree from the Society of Human Resource Management as well as the HRCI (HR) institute. Graduate of Central Lakes College in Business Management and a constant learner of the craft. Others might outshine us, none will out work or out think us.


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