Health & Wellness
Healthcare costs have been on the rise for several years. Healthcare’s focus has always been around treating sick and unhealthy people. You know the old saying, "20 percent of people drive 80 percent of the costs". Most companies want to focus on wellness strategies that focus on "unhealthy" employees, (20 percent) and ignore the "healthy" ones, (80 percent). At Fiducia, our wellness initiatives focus on keeping the 80 percent healthy, rather than the contrary.
In 2009, the Health Management Research Group within the University of Michigan released a book titled, Zero Trend, Health as a serious Economic Strategy based on 30 years of studies. As the name implies focusing on zero or static trends in wellness works to decrease overall healthcare costs. As a result of their findings, our client’s wellness programs focus on the entire employment population with an emphasis on keeping healthy people healthy. This philosophy works to ensure a healthier group of employees for the future and lasts longer than sporadic health contests.
Fiducia’s groups that have executed this wellness strategy have seen a decrease in claims costs over time. It also makes for a happy group of successful participants. Contact Fiducia on how it works.
"The cost of waiting for people to get sick far exceeds the cost of helping unhealthy people stay healthy." Dee W. Edington, PhD, Health Management Brainerd Health Insurance Research Center, University of Michigan, Author, Zero Trends, Health as a Serious Economic Strategy.
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